I’m enrolled in my first OCA course: Photography 1: Context and Narrative.

I’m a mature student with an educational and working background in science. However, I began photography in the pre-digital age developing black and white film and printing the negatives myself. Today I use digital exclusively but still like the black and white image – a portfolio of my work can be viewed here www.cormacoconnell.com

I am Irish and live in a suburb of Dublin. I enrolled in the OCA course because of my long-time interest in photography, and my life circumstances now allow me to pursue it in this manner. My expectations of the course are that I will achieve some new understanding along with a deeper understanding of aspects already familiar to me and an overall broadening of my photographic horizons. I wish to work towards gaining a degree.

When I began digital photography what I missed most compared to the analogue process was the absence of a print at the end; I now like to print my images.