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This is the second ‘shoot’ for Assignment 1 (the blog of the first ‘shoot’ is here https://cormac513273.wordpress.com/2014/09/02/assignment-1-photos-1/)

Note: click on image gallery to display large size.

Visited the street to photograph it from two ‘points of view’ – one as a place of work the other as a place to shop.

Walking along the busy street it appeared homogenous and I was conscious of the aim to produce two contrasting series of pictures, ideally each set being distinct in ways other than simply by the subject matter i.e. either ‘shopper’ or ‘worker’.

A straightforward way to achieve this difference in ‘mood’ presented itself when I noticed that the sun was shining on one side of the street only, creating interesting shadows; this light could be used to create an upbeat mood in the ‘shopper’ set. With this in mind I photographed at the door of a café with some interesting light, — see gallery below:  09142131;  09142132; 09142140.

Gallery #1

Below are another three ‘sunny’ images (09142186; 09142173; 09142167) that say ‘shopping’ more explicitly than the three images above, but these are less inspiring images that those above.

Gallery #2

More successful perhaps are a group of images that could be describes as ‘window shopping’ – see gallery below (09142226; 09142238; 09142239; 09142241; 09142279; 09142288; 09142292; 09142298). I liked the sense of ‘activity’ in these, particularly image 09142238; I like the ‘worship/longing’ in image 09142288 but the composition is not great; I like the appropriate sparkle in image 09142292.

Gallery: Window Shopping

Lens: Midway through the session I changed from a zoom lens (24-105 mm) to a 50mm lens. This was because I wanted to get closer to people in the crowds and the 50mm lens made the camera less obtrusive. In this way I took photographs that form a second group of the day: ‘shopping bags’ – see below (09142245; 09142308; 09142313; 09142315; 09142316; 09142318; 09142320; 09142326; 09142334; 09142337)

Gallery: Shopping Bags

Overall: I feel that I have progressed a little in the Assignment in that I have decided on the ‘look/mood’ of at least some of the ‘shopper’ set of images. I concentrated on and succeeded in photographing interesting light and shadows but  perhaps to the detriment of composition (for example image 09142131 above).

I though the group ‘window shopping’ (above) was good, and at least at this stage I think that one of these or similar will form one or more of the final Assignment set. I’m not as sure about the second group ‘shopping bags’. These are visually interesting (and in future could look for more interesting examples) but maybe only have an impact when displayed as a complete group so that it would be difficult to include this idea in a single group of 5 – 7 photographs that aims for a broad narrative.

On this day also I photographed for the ‘worker’ set but concentrated on the ‘shopper’ set. I’ll review these ‘worker’ images along with those taken at the next session where I’ll concentrate on the ‘worker’ set while taking any opportunity that presents to take pictures that fit into the ‘look/mood’ of the ‘shopper’ set that has now developed.

Below is a gallery of the contact sheets for all the photographs taken on the day.

Continues in Assignment — photos#3 https://cormac513273.wordpress.com/2014/09/12/assignment-1-photos-3/