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The two photographs below are from the ‘worker’ and ‘shopper’ category respectively. The ‘reversal’ is interesting in that the ‘worker’ category image says ‘laid back’ while the ‘shopper’ (leisure) is one of intent, interest and alertness. There is a visual parallel here also: three people, sitting/standing.

If the two categories (‘worker’ /’shopper’) were viewed side by side the images above would ‘work’ best. May be difficult to get 5-7 images that ‘correspond’ like the two above.

Perhaps the two below? Similar (bags, packages, but different)?


one ‘sad’ (working) the other ‘happy’?

movement (working) and standing

‘giving’ and ‘taking’ (consuming)

‘lonely’ and ‘gregarious’

This strategy above might be one to adopt when next photographing.

Below are miscellaneous ‘good’ images  of subjects but need now to consider images in relation either to other images in their category (i.e. ‘worker’ or ‘shopper’) or, as attempted above, to relate the images across the categories.

Will attempt to develop (and write) a clearer strategy before going out to photograph again.

Gallery 1 — contact sheets

Gallery 2 — contact sheets