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This blog entry continues from Reflection (ii) at https://cormac513273.wordpress.com/2014/09/18/assignment-1-reflection-ii/

In the previous blog (above) I considered images from Anthony Hernandez’s book Rodeo Drive, 1984 (Hernandez, 2012), and decided to attempt a similar ‘style’ in that the photo of the person alone conveys the sense of ‘shopper’ and ‘leisure’ without including objects such as shopping bags to make the distinction i.e. the image of the person alone would distinguish them as ‘worker’ or ‘shopper’ (the two groups in the ‘point of view’ series).

Note: click on galleries to view larger. The images chosen for the galleries are marked in the contact sheet gallery below

The gallery below shows ‘people at leisure’

This series in gallery below shows interesting activity, clearly ‘fun’, clearly ‘not work’, but need to use single images to make series of 5 – 7 photographs, no room for a series, but a single image from these useable.

Galley below showing some other ‘good’ images

Conclusion: I will continue with this strategy, and see if it will apply to the second category ‘worker’; but it may help distinguish the two points of view if I continue with the previous strategy for this ‘worker’ group.

Below, contact sheets for the shoot



Hernandez, Anthony (2012) Rodeo Drive, 1984. London: MACK