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Factual story: On July 29th 2014 on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, 11.6 km west of County Kerry, Ireland, filming began of scenes for the film ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’. Cast and crew of the upcoming movie – including director JJ Abrams – were at the World Heritage site which was surrounded by tight security including an Irish navy ship monitoring the waters around the island. (The Irish Times, 2014; The Irish Independent, 2014).

Photography to accompany fictional story: In order to further encourage Hollywood film companies to choose Ireland as a film location and to commemorate the recent shooting of part of the latest Star Wars film in Ireland, authorities have replaced one of the existing statues on a plinth in Dublin’s main street with that of a character from Star Wars.

Implementation: Several statues on Dublin city’s main street were photographed from various perspectives, the idea being to look for one that would ‘blend’ well with a photography of  a miniature (100 mm in height) Star Wars figure (see Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 below). A ‘texture image’ of stone (see Gallery 3 below) was used to create the stone effect on the surface of the Stat Wars model/’statue’. The Photoshop technique was that illustrated in the video: Photoshop: How to Transform Someone into a STONE STATUE.

The completed manipulated image along with the original background photograph are shown in Gallery 4 below. The three images used for the final composite picture (_0140060 (ii) Gallery 4) were:

1. background:  _0140060 (Gallery 1)

2. model:  _014014 (Gallery 2)

3. stone texture:  stone 10 (Gallery 3)

Gallery 1 – pictures of suitable statues taken from differing perspectives


Gallery 2 – pictures of model Star Wars ‘storm trooper’ (height of model = 100 mm)

Gallery 3 Stone texture image

Gallery 4 the ‘before’ and ‘after’ manipulated image


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Photoshop: How to Transform Someone into a STONE STATUE  Blue Lightening TV (s.d) 5 mins At: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCwcKEUcqcU (Accessed on 06.10.14)