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The street was visited in an attempt to photograph the ‘worker’ group in the style similar to that adopted in the previous shoot (at: https://cormac513273.wordpress.com/2014/09/21/assignment-1-photos-4/) for the ‘shopper’ group i.e. as influenced by the photographer Anthony Hernandez’s book Rodeo Drive, 1984 (Hernandez, 2012).

The images I thought were disappointing because the subjects proved unsuitable. Hernandez relied on photographs of the people themselves to convey the sense of wealth and privilege, but it was not clear from the photographs I took what I was trying to convey — there was not a ‘wealth’/’poverty’ contrast. The contrast between the two groups (‘shopper’ and ‘worker’) was in the actions, that is the people were ‘working’ and therefore would contrast with previously photographed ‘shoppers’. However, the photographs taken here of the ‘workers’ are not very interesting visually.

Gallery: ‘Workers’

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Hernandez, Anthony (2012) Rodeo Drive, 1984. London: MACK