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This post is a continuation from post ‘Exercise (poem) — photos #1’ At: https://cormac513273.wordpress.com/2014/11/02/exercise-poem-photos-1/

This post shows the photographs from two shoots – see Gallery 4: ‘Contact Sheets’. Also the reasons for making the final selection of images for the Exercise are discussed.

Note: click on galleries to view larger. The images chosen from the Galleries are marked on the contact sheets.

Three images from ‘Poem contact sheet’ 04 and 05 were selected and are illustrated in Gallery 1: ‘Three selected photos’

Gallery 1: Three selected photos

The first image (11141395) has diagonal lines and prominent squares with a person ‘standing on a square’, in the attitude of waiting, the man looking to the right is similarly waiting but with a greater air of expectancy. The diagonal parallel lines formed by the platform squares, the platform edge, the rails and the lines at the base and top of the poster display unit all give a sense of movement, which is balanced by the stance and attitude of the people; this generates ‘tension’ and hence awareness of the moment, or awareness that what is shown is ‘a moment’. The strongly angled sunshine adds to this atmosphere.

The second two images (11141425 and 11141430) rely on ‘the ordinary’ or everyday just as in the poem (above): ‘Milk in a blue bowl. The yellow linoleum’. Here the strong colour in the morning sunshine is something a commuter might see ‘everyday’, it is ‘ordinary’, yet by photographing in this manner attention is somehow drawn to it and the ordinary become the ‘extraordinary’, the moment is perceived – awareness.

Final sequence

In my review of all the images in order to select the final sequence of six, two images (10140933c  and 10140957) were chosen from the preliminary shoot that were not previously discussed above – shown in Gallery 2: ‘Two images chosen for final sequence’

Gallery 2: Two images chosen for final sequence

The first image in Gallery 2 replaces the image previously chosen (10140954c) because the lighting in this latter image is too dramatic and does not fit with the sequence; the image chosen contains many of the elements of the rejected image but the lighting is more appropriate. The second image in Gallery 2 is a ‘context’ image and while having elements within it that generate ‘awareness’ it also works, as the first image of the final sequence (below), to set the overall context for the series of images. Thus in the sequence of six images there is a ‘tightening in’ of the context going from image 1 to 6.

Gallery 3 The final series of six images


Gallery 4: ‘Contact Sheets’