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Overall I was pleased and encouraged by the Report. The major point was that my ‘delivered images are not as crafted as they should have been’. This was likely because I’m unaccustomed to photographing an assignment which is different to simply photographing what catches the eye on any particular day. One of the challenges for me is not letting the need to ‘get something’ (because the clock is ticking on the Assignment), interfere when out photographing.

The Report’s critique of the images was instructive especially the need to consider improving images by cropping. Also the possibility of always looking deeper into any given image and finding details that could lead to further work.

The greatest lesson I draw from the Report is to give greater consideration to the images: persisting until the ‘decisive moment’ is captured, and then not to neglect cropping in order to emphasise for example colour harmony in the image; also not to neglect technical aspects such as ensuring images are straight.