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This post is a continuation of ‘Sketches #2 — Photographing the unseen’ at: https://cormac513273.wordpress.com/2014/11/23/sketches-2-photographing-the-unseen/

 Interesting chapter entitled ‘Consumer Culture and the Manufacturing of Desire’ in Sturken and Cartwright (2001).


‘Need’, ‘Dissatisfaction’ ‘Manufacturing of Desire’ Gallery 1

‘Need’, ‘Dissatisfaction’ ‘Manufacturing of Desire’ Gallery 2

 ‘Need’, ‘Dissatisfaction’ ‘Manufacturing of Desire’ Gallery 3

This post continues with ‘Sketches #4 — Photographing the unseen’ at: https://cormac513273.wordpress.com/2014/12/08/sketches-4-photographing-the-unseen/


Sturken, Marita and Cartwright, Lisa (2001) Practices of Looking. An Introduction to Visual Culture. Oxford: Oxford University Press