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This post is a continuation of ‘Sketches #3 — Photographing the unseen’ at: https://cormac513273.wordpress.com/2014/12/03/sketches-3-photographing-the-unseen/

Three photographs on the theme of ‘Need’

‘Love. Want. Gift!’ Gallery

The first image (12140557a) has a sense of wistful longing similar to previous Assignment image: https://cormac513273.wordpress.com/category/coursework/context-and-narrative/part-two-narrative/assignment-two/#jp-carousel-948

The last two images in the Gallery (12140566a and 12140655a ) associate broad consumption, as in advertised consumer goods, with eating/consuming and are similar in this respect to previous Assignment images in series (Gallery) beginning with image:


This post continues with ‘Sketches #5 — Photographing the unseen’ at: https://cormac513273.wordpress.com/2014/12/15/sketches-5-photographing-the-unseen/