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I am pleased with the Report overall and the tutor’s opinion that the submission was a ‘well researched and strong delivery of a demanding assignment’. Some of the constructive criticisms were similar to those of my first Assignment, relating to the fact that technical and aesthetic considerations:

are always going to impact on the manner that the images are read. There are opportunities missed as in your first assignment, that attention to composition, and not cropping final images to exclude surplus information, have detracted from what are strong images (Tutor’s report)

In preparing the images for this submission I strove to address this issue from my first Assignment Tutor Report, but clearly have not yet made discernible progress – I’m disappointed in this. This aspect of photographic images is something I will now keep in mind – composing, framing and cropping to exclude surplus information. This is a matter of examining the aesthetic of any image in relation to composition and cropping until the ‘feel’ is right — seeking a quality in the image that both fulfils an objective criteria (the brief), and works as a strong image.

The other point of note in the Report was that my images did not always adequately keep to the Assignment brief – something to be aware of in future.