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Recreate a childhood memory in a photograph.

The memory I have chosen involves me directly, it’s not something that I witnessed as a bystander or someone who was not involved. To recreate the memory, rather than re-enact it, as for example in Wilma Hurskainen’s ‘Growth’ (above), I think I must be absent from the picture. Rarely do we remember events in which we were involved as a third party would  i.e. seeing the whole scene with ourselves included in it — an out-of-body, ‘bird’s eye’ viewpoint. This way of thinking also excluded the use of any ’stand in’ for myself.

My memory is of place and the mood of that place seen through a child’s eyes. In a sense I will recreate the memory literally by photographing a particular place (and activity) but will attempt to rely on metaphor to convey the mood. A memory by definition is of something in the past and so the photograph will (and must) rely to a greater or lesser extent on giving a sense of something rather than depicting it directly.