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The Tutor Report contained much valuable and useful feedback. I was heartened that the Assignment was ‘conceptually strong’, as this was something I was unsure about. I understand now the importance of having development sketches and documenting the concept – something the Assignment submission lacked. The advice to use a sketchbook/journal is good.

There were compromises along the way to the finished image and triptych. The final image was taken with a macro lens with shallow depth of field. When I tried the portrait with a ‘wall’ of spheres all in the same plane and therefore in focus the result looked like a special effect or video still. The spheres are not perfect mirrors and never achieve a sharp image so by manipulating the spheres as in the final image the eye had to search for a good portrait, to see the person. I take the point in the Report that I should have visually documented much of this development process.

The camera lens is imaged in the centre and relatively undistorted in the spheres. As I commented at the conclusion of my learning Blog: ‘within the various convex mirrors the black, featureless circular lens of the camera appears to be drawing everything into itself leading to the distortion of reality seen by the viewer’. When my head was imaged in the centre I considered the overall feel of the image to be weird, photoshopped, a special effect.

At the conclusion I was unsure whether the execution of the concept had worked sufficiently and was glad to hear that the concept was good despite the technical compromises. I take the point in the Report that other reflective surfaces could have been used – I considered using a mirror broken into several pieces (like pieces of an unmade jigsaw puzzle) but rejected it because I had seen similar several times previously.

I am pleased with the Report and will act on the main takeaway message: that I need to develop the skill of expressing concepts visually (including preliminary sketching).