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The scene (The Long Take: Goodfellas, 2009) from Martin Scorsese’s film ‘Goodfellas’ (1990) says much about the main character – that he is brash with a hail-fellow-well-met attitude to all he meets; he is treated well, with respect, as a VIP; the impression is given that this treatment rests on the money he pays to ensure it.

The ‘clues’ are conveyed both visually and in the dialogue. At the beginning the first of many exchanges of dollar bills occurs as the character explains to his girlfriend the convenience of paying someone to watch his car parked on the street; the queue on the street to enter the cabaret is avoided by again paying a doorman to allow them access by way of a shortcut though the kitchens; as they walk through the kitchens the character is recognised and has a good word for all. Once in the night club he greets the manager as a friend and a table is immediately ordered to be brought specially for the couple; the table is placed out in front of the rest of the audience. While the table is being set up the voice of the manager can be heard commiserating with another customer: “I know you’re waiting for a table…”. This accentuates the special treatment received and reinforces the ‘skipping the queue’ entitlement at the beginning of the scene. Once the two waiters and manager have installed the newly situated table it becomes clear from the dialogue that more money has been handed out. Guests at another table send over a bottle of wine, the wine is of such worth that the waiter shows the bottle ensuing that the generosity of the gift is appreciated, the manager indicating those who sent it.


The Long Take: Goodfellas [film scene online] ( 2009) 3 mins At: https://youtu.be/OJEEVtqXdK8 (Accessed on: 20.04.15)